Hi, I am Omar Khan

student developer

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About Me

Computer Science at University of Michigan

I am a highly motivated sophomore at the University of Michigan pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Science with an intended focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

My relevant coursework includes STATS 250 (Introduction to Statistics and Data Analysis), EECS 281 (Data Structures and Algorithms), EECS 376 (Foundations of Computer Science), EECS 203 (Discrete Math), and EECS 370 (Introduction to Computer Organization).

Outside of school, I spend my time reading and working on coding projects that interest me. I also enjoy working out, playing sports, traveling, and hanging out with friends.


My Projects

Elon Musk AI Twitter Bot Lyric Giraffe Web Application NGrams Basic AI Custom PC Build Euchre Simulator 0h h1 Simulator ML Forum Post Classifier